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Summary On A Interview I Watched

In this interview rapper Macklemore talks about gay marriage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdS05tO7GNU

He says that there is more awareness on the topic then there used to be. I agree because there is a lot more awareness then a few years ago and there is more acceptance. Years ago many people still used to all despise the community and were too afraid to talk about it so they assumed it was bad and chose to make it a negative thing towards those people by talking about it as a negative thing. That still does happen today but since than there has been lots of progress with equality. From 1920 to the 1970’s and more still people wanted homosexuals hanged or killed or sent to prison. Things got a bit better around the 1970’s when the first ever organised LGBT pride march took place on June 28th in New York City. Now in present day 2000’s it has improved a lot and there is much more acceptance then before. Because of this progress and rise of equality gay marriage is now legal in 14 countries and 18 states.

What are your thoughts on the change? Feel free to comment below.

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10 Resources That Have Helped Me

1. The documentary “I Am”. http://www.iamthedoc.com/

2. The “Kony 2012” documentary by the organization Invisible Children. http://invisiblechildren.com/

3. The author of many books Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh more commonly known as Osho.

4. The book “Becoming Human” by Jean Vanier.


5. The community of l’Arche.  http://www.larche.ca/

6. The documentary “Breaking The Silence”.

7. The art of Ai Weiwei a Chinese human rights activist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ai_Weiwei

8. The documentary “Inequality For All”. http://inequalityforall.com/about-the-film/’

9. The documentary “I Am Not My Disability” 

10. Huffington Post articles. 


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Why do people use words and violence to hate on others from different races and religions? Why do we hate at all?

Something I’ve been wondering is:  Why do people use words and violence to hate on others from different races and religions? Why do we hate at all?

If the world is the same, the people are in sense all the same. We are all connected, all the people, the trees, the plants, nature. Why would people bring hate towards their own friends, neighbors, allies in disguise?

There may be a past of hatred between two groups but if they both keep bringing back the past, there is no time for the future. Therefore, they are all falling back into the past and never moving on. How will their countries or communities grow as a nation of peace if they are stuck in a time wrap? They won’t.

They must bring themselves to think, because without thought they cannot change, and without change they cannot think.

Without the mind we can’t think, but without the heart we can’t feel, we must use both.




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Rainbow Flag Article

This is an interesting article on the rainbow flag. http://www.nunatsiaqonline.ca/stories/article/65674rainbow_flag_at_iqaluit_city_hall_not_favoured_by_all_councillor_says/


Summary: This article talks about the raising of a rainbow flag outside Iqaluit city hall along with the Canadian flag and the City of Iqaluit flag on Feb 10 2014. It does not have the approval of all Iqaluit residents, according to city councilor Simon Nattaq. It talks about how the city raised the multicoloured flag, which represents gay pride, equality and inclusiveness, at the request of Coun. Kenny Bell and how some of the citizens disagreed with the city’s decision to raise it.


My opinion: I think that just because it’s not an Inuit custom to be gay doesn’t mean that they can’t raise the flag. If they want to raise the flag than they should. It shows respect to those who are and it shows support in Russia to the athletes.  “There are gay and lesbian people in every race. Not only Inuit, but white people, black people. It’s worldwide and there’s nothing wrong with it,” Bell said.” I agree and if people want to show their support they can, no one should be deprived of their rights and no one should be criticized for who people think they are and who they really are.


It would really help if you would leave your thoughts on this article below.

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Intro Post

Hi. I am a grade 8 student researching on equality. For too long the human race has been discriminatory towards people who society considers “different”. People like: gays, people with disabilities/differences, people from different religions, people with different skin colours. I will be posting my opinion, articles and other stuff on this topic. I would love to learn more info about this.